The silver lining' of crisis

Yep, I'm still here, and back in Taos once again after some amazing travels to Morocco & Europe, surfing, doing yoga, meeting new people, learning new cultures and hitting my third continent within the last year. One more check of the ol bucket list, Africa! 

Remember that quote I referenced in my last blog from the Tarot card reader that scared the shit out of me- "I was going to have to fall apart before I was going to fall back together"? Well, folks, little did I know at the time but I had a lot more "falling apart" to do before I could even start to locate the pieces to put me back together again. This might be part of why I haven't had the courage or desire to post on here for a long time, along with the fact that technology showed me who's boss and I was unable to login to this damn blog due to two Gmail addresses. :) But I am here now, broken and whole in an entirely different way, I just had to remove the rose-colored glasses for a bit to re…

True Love Waits

I began this blog with the intention of sharing my experience of re-finding myself on a regular basis, but I soon found out that I was running from myself, thus running from sharing with all of you. (whoever you might be even if just me in another form).  The last month was intense, rough, and not as easy as I thought taking a "sabbatical" might be, believe it or not. Fighting my own inner voices and demons of sorts can be painful, and scary at times. i now magically have found myself waking up, like really WAKING THE FUCK UP and beginning to love myself in my own skin for the first time in a long time. This only came with having to acknowledge the fact that I have been quite unhappy and a bit miserable in my life for the last year or two in what looked like from the outside a pretty amazingly successful life. Don't get me wrong, I found happiness with friends, family and clients, with my dogs, and doing art, but it started to feel like a coverup of sorts, or almost lik…

The first day of the rest of my life.....and a whole new world of DIY'in

Today was my first official day "not working" (AKA what I'm calling the first day of the rest of my life) and I was sitting by fire relaxing by 4:34pm....not too bad right? 

Half of the night I had crazy dreams about work and absurd scenarios going on that had me wide eyed by 5am (for those who don't know, I am not a morning person), but luckily was able to sleep a bit more rising out of bed by 8:!5am which was nice. 
Today/AKA the first day of the rest of my life went a little like this:  - A couple brainstorm meetings at my brothers and then off to lunch at my fav taco place Machete, con margaritas, a little shopping, coming up with another potential business idea unintentionally, then a bit of shopping at Stitch Boutique (unplanned, which I thank the Margaritas and my friend Stacie for my new awesome threads. :) then back home to hit the kitchen. 
For those that know me, I pretty much have and will find a way to DIY anything and EVERYTHING to the point that I hav…


It's getting real folks.  I invite you to join me on a journey around the sun and moon and back again finding the center of my soul (and maybe your's along the way)! First attempt at blogging and so much more to come.  DIY Challenges Welcome! Schedule to be posted soon. :)